Thursday, April 9, 2015

An Opportunity to get that Storage Thing Right

When we are talking about your new home and planning space and budgets we make sure that we don’t forget about all your “stuff”. We have had many clients opt for a single car garage because they don’t want one of the bays simply collecting “stuff”.  At Phoenix we believe in a more pro-active approach to life’s little problems – let’s look at the ways you might plan to use the garage more effectively, for a start! These systems, if properly planned for, can be cost effective and installed by our homebuilding crew as we are adding the final touches to the home.
This take on a conventional closet can be inexpensively built in to your garage and is designed to handle a wide selection of home and garden implements and products.
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These two systems takes up almost no garage floor space and offer a huge amount of storage space – you might even allow for a little extra height in your garage if you plan for it early enough!
This proprietary hanging system allows you to add storage devices and move items around to best fit your needs – everything is so easy to find.
More suited to automotive enthusiasts, this setup really keeps things buttoned down and secure.
For the more serious home handyman this workbench/tool storage combination allows quick access to the power tool selection.
And finally, if you have no room or do not desire to store the tools in your garage, a simple tool shed can easily be included in your home plans – and you can have it handy to wherever it is you like to work. It is all in the planning – plan well!