Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Extraordinary Corner-less Room

Nothing quite beats the experience of opening a corner of the home to the outdoors – and in a design world where there is such a premium on integrating the indoors and outdoors, no single design feature delivers this kind of impact.

These three excellent examples from Nana Wall Doors illustrate well the breath-taking impact of the floating ceiling created by the Corner-less room.

This clever application uses a fireplace to provide the structural support required for a double Corner-less application.

This example shows the ‘inside corner’ application, creating a cozy and protected inside-outside room.

This example, from the 2011 Phoenix Showhome, is a local application at a very reasonable cost. The homeowner call this his ‘favourite feature of the home’.

The Sirocco Beach homes, being built by Phoenix in Colliers at the moment, feature stunning beach accesses derived from using this creative design tool.