Friday, July 17, 2015

Gold Nugget Winners Announced

In June, the Gold Nugget Awards program conferred honors to its 2015 winners at a gala celebration in San Diego. From over 630 U.S. and international entries, the judges selected a final round of Grand- and Merit-worthy projects in categories including single-family, multifamily, and custom residential, as well as mixed-use and commercial designs. The judges praised creative approaches to classic concepts and the depth of detail executed in the winning projects. Trends especially prominent in this year’s projects include integrated, open designs that favor unexpected materials, sophisticated lighting, and striking, thoughtful details.

The soaker tub has made an enormous comeback. Today’s selection of modern tubs, available at an amazing price range, have quickly become a ‘must have’ in Cayman’s high-end home market.

Complete integration between the indoors and outdoors is the single largest trend that we have seen in past few years. As the costs of these integrated door systems have come down due to international demand, the prevalence of them in Phoenix’s new home designs has risen dramatically.

As you see here and in many of the preceding images, the return of natural materials to the ceiling is a strong recent trend. As the interior lines of the homes become more streamlined and the color pallets move to white, the need to introduce natural materials to warm these spaces becomes the driving force for this trend.

The Gold Nugget 2015 winners were almost all contemporary designs, and that trend has accelerated incredibly quickly in both the US and Cayman markets. Will it last? We think so. More than 50%of the homes currently in design by The Phoenix Group fall into this category.